Penalties for Driving under the Influence

Since 1980, the penalties for the DUI charges have been increasingly made rigorous, thanks to the efforts made by the groups like Mothers against Drunk Drivers (MADD). Drunk driving is responsible for causing a death every 48 minutes in the USA. The severe penalties are envisaged to rein in the number of fatalities due to drunk driving on the roads.

Drunk Driving Facts

Alcohol-induced traffic accidents kill around 30 people daily in the USA. It implies that every 48 minutes a life ends on the road due to a drunk driver. Here are various facts about drunk driving and the remedial measures that can ensure greater safety on the roads.

Consequences of DUI

The consequences that a drunk driver faces when he is charged with DUIs are increasingly growing severe and long lasting. A majority of the states in the USA has adopted zero tolerance in terms of the penalties that are imposed in the DUI cases. Despite such stern approach towards cases involving drunken driving, public awareness about the its dangerous results is far from high.

Arrested for Drunk Driving – What Happens Next?

When you have been arrested with the DUI charges, you will be asked to take sobriety tests. These tests comprise of blood, breath and urine tests. You may also be asked to take field sobriety tests that evaluate your coordination. Out of these tests, the blood test is the most decisive one in terms of the punishments and fines that you will get for DUI.

DUI Accidents – Types of Damages Claimed

If you are unfortunately involved in a DUI accident, you are eligible to claim compensation from the drunken driver who brought about the crash. The drunk driver is liable to pay medical expenses, if any and compensation for property damage. If you want to know exactly what you can claim as compensation, you need to visit a good DUI lawyer who is an expert in the field.

DUI Accident Statistics – USA

Road accidents are caused due to a number of factors and one of the most common instigators of fatal road accidents is DUI. Driving under Influence of alcohol or drugs is a criminal offense and thousands of drunk drivers are arrested all over the united states every year. Although the instances of drunk driving have reduced over the years, the number is still significant.

Benefits of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Drinking and driving can have serious repercussions on your life. Depending on the level of intoxication and the degree of damage caused while driving, you might even have to face a prison term.

What To Do After An Accident with a drunk driver

If you’ve been in a car accident with a drunk driver, you want to take steps very similar to the ones you would take after any other accident. At the time of the accident, let the police officer do their job. They will establish whether the drivers are drunk, who is at fault, and write their report. Remember not to tell the police officer or the other driver that the accident was your fault. Even if you think that your actions caused the accident, you may be wrong. Claiming fault for the accident can negatively affect your insurance and possible legal options.

Appeal Your DUI Charge

Are you looking to clear your DUI records? Here are some options that you can try. First, ask your lawyer if you have grounds on which to appeal your case. Possible grounds for appeal include a biased jury, an arguable application of the law against you, or some other sort of courtroom error. To place an appeal against the decision, you have to first file briefs with the court system where you were convicted. Though you are not required to attend the appeal deliberation, either you or your lawyer has to make an oral argument has to be made in your favor.

Finding a DUI Lawyer

Finding a good DUI lawyer can be daunting. There are a lot of lawyers in the phone book, but don’t call the first one you see even if you need one fast. Avoid being swayed by a lawyer’s television commercials. Remember, the lawyers paid for the advertisement so the testimonials may not be from actual clients. Instead, take your time in the search so that you make a good decision for your case. The best way to start your search is with a little organization, and a little bit of caution.