DUI Accidents – Types of Damages Claimed

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If you are unfortunately involved in a DUI accident, you are eligible to claim compensation from the drunken driver who brought about the crash. The drunk driver is liable to pay medical expenses, if any and compensation for property damage. If you want to know exactly what you can claim as compensation, you need to visit a good DUI lawyer who is an expert in the field.

The compensations that you can claim are subject to the laws and legislations of your state. Usually, there is an upper cap for each claim and it differs from one state to another. In general, the claims that you make are categorized into four categories – personal injury, punitive damages, general damages and special damages.

In addition to paying medical compensation, a drunk driver is also liable to pay compensation for loss of income to you if the accident causes you to keep away from work. Loss of future income is another claim that can legally fetch you compensation.

Other claims that can be made are loss of companionship and wrongful death. In case a person dies in the accident, his relatives can claim compensation from the drunk driver.

Claim can also be made to recover rehabilitation expenses following the accident due to drunken driving. If you require long term care, life care requirement compensation is another claim that you can make.

Other claims permitted by law are compensation for pain and suffering, emotional trauma and psychological damages. Since laws change from one state to another, a good lawyer will be able to help you make all valid claims.

If your vehicle suffers irreparable damage, you are eligible to demand replacement of your vehicle as well. Compensation for diminished value of vehicle is another legit claim that is permitted in most of the states. Also, the drunk driver is not the only person who is liable to pay compensation in case of accidents caused due to drunk driving.

The bar, pub, restaurant or any other place that sells alcohol or private party hosts from where whose home the driver had drunk and begun driving back are also liable to pay compensation in the capacity of aides of crime.

There are several possibilities that a well experienced lawyer can explore so that the victim of the accident is properly compensated for the loss.