San Diego County Sheriff Department Awarded Money to Tackle DUI

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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Fifteen law enforcement agencies from across San Diego county have come together to create a DUI law enforcement task force. These agencies believe by combining forces, they will be more effective at DUI law enforcement and prevention, as California agencies have been able to do in the past. Last week, the San Diego County Sheriff Department was awarded $300,000 to help fund this project.


Anti-DUI task forces have been instrumental in reducing the number of fatalities as a result of drunken driving. However, drunk driving accidents still account for 30% of the car accident fatalities in San Diego county, and county law enforcement officials, led by Sheriff Bill Gore, have decided that enough is enough.


The agency, now called the “Avoid the 15”, have a few different tactics to reduce the number of DUI crashes every year. Law enforcement will be heightened around major holidays and events in which alcohol consumption is common. They will also start having DUI/Drivers license checkpoints. Additionally, for those who have multiple DUI citations on their driving record will be targets for additional services to prevent repeat offenders from reoffending once more.