LA City Attorney Cautions of DUI Consequences

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LA City Attorney Cautions of DUI Consequences

LA City Attorney Cautions of DUI Consequences as Hospital Beds Become Limited

City of Los Angeles Attorney Mike Feuer warned Monday of the consequences Of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, noting it is hazardous today with local hospital beds filling up with COVID-19 patients.

Feuer stated that with the limited number of hospital beds and Intensive care unit experience available amid surging coronavirus caseloads, individuals who are seriously hurt in crashes resulting from driving under the influence might have difficulty getting medical assistance.

The city attorney said his office has registered about 300 Criminal complaints against drivers convicted of a DUI who didn’t install an interlock device in their car as needed. He said data has proven the interlock system reduces drunk or drugged driving.

Feuer said his office was a part of an effort to pass a state law that, as of the year 2019, obliges all people found guilty of a DUI to connect interlock systems that block them from starting the car have been consuming alcohol.

For the ninth year in a Row, Feuer also declared his office, procured a grant of almost $1 million from the California Office of Traffic Safety to encourage DUI prosecutions.

The grant funding will be used to encourage the City Attorney’s Office group of public prosecutors that handle drunk and intoxicated driving cases to decrease traffic fatalities, Feuer said.

That group is also leading a statewide data collection effort On crash risks related to drivers who operate a vehicle under the influence of Cannabis, which has been recreationally legal ihttp://californiacn the state of California because 2018.