Fewer DUI Deaths in Florida Due to The Economy

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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Death toll as a result of DUI is on the decrease in Florida based on data from the second half of the previous decade. The number of deaths statewide has dropped by one third in the years 2006-2010. In terms of absolute numbers, there were total 829 fatalities in comparison to 1,183 in the first half of the decade.
There are no clear causes for this blessed drop, yet experts claim it stems from the worsening economic conditions in the state. The number of unemployed people has risen and so, less people use the roads to get to work. Consequently, there are fewer accidents.
Indeed statistics show that the number of cars on certain sections of Interstate 95 has dropped by 8-12 per cent.
People are also filling up less fuel due to petroleum prices reaching almost 4 dollars. A study that was conducted by Mississippi State University a year ago, “Accident Analysis and Prevention” unequivocally claims that a rise in petroleum prices leads to decreased number of DUI related road accidents.