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Delaware is a state that had a relatively low number of vehicle accident related fatalities in 2009. Out of 116 total fatalities, 48 included drivers who had drank alcohol or used some kind of drug. In Delaware, a driver will be arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) if they drive any vehicle, including off-highway vehicles and mopeds, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Whether or not the driver gets charged with a DUI is determined by a blood or breath test. If the driver has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or greater or the presence of a drug, prescription or illegal, is revealed then they will be charged with a DUI. However, an arrest can be made if the drivers BAC is .05 or above.

At the time of a first DUI conviction in the state of Delaware, a driver faces a maximum of 6 months in jail a fine ranging from $500 to $1,500. They also have to take educational courses about alcohol abuse and driving. Depending on their BAC at the time of arrest, their license will be suspended for different lengths of time. For a BAC of .08 to less than .15, their license will be suspended for 12 months. A BAC of .15 to less than .19 gets their license suspended for 18 months. Their license is suspended for 24 months for a BAC over .20. Any driver under the age of 21 that are arrested for DUI charges can lose driving privileges until they come of age to drink.

DUI / DWI facts and statistics in Delaware

  • In 2017, 1 out of the 32 driving fatalities due to DUI / DWI was driven by drivers under the age of 21
  • In the same year, all of the 347 offenders caught for DUI / DWI were above the age of 18
  • In 2018, 1 out of the 28 driving fatalities due to DUI / DWI was driven by drivers under the age of 21
  • In the same year, all of the 427 offenders caught for DUI / DWI were above the age of 18


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